Rule 34 for X-Ray

August 24, 2008

4chan’s rule 34 of the internet states, “There is porn for it.  No exceptions.” Rule 35 states, “If no porn is found of it, it will be created.”

Well I wanted to make money, and I had access to hospital equipment.  I knew people liked erotic clothed porn, naked porn, explicit porn, and porn with shit on top, but what they haven’t got was inside the body porn.  Well not much of it anyway.  Leonardo da Vinci had a crack at it 1493 with this effort:

Unfortunately, despite being the best inventor of his time he couldn’t get his mitts on an x-ray machine or an MRI scanner.  All he got hold of was some drunken models and a few peeled corpses.  Well I can go a few better with access to a hospital, and, with a few bottles of duty-free absinthe to bribe the night-shift to turn a blind eye, I have prepared for your viewing pleasure and perverted titillation some top class x-ray porno.  It’s all available from my forthcoming site  Subscriptions by credit card only.

I have prepared a few free samples below along with some notes about the novel technique involved in achieving these beautifully sexy images.

We started off in a normal x-ray fluoroscopy room.  After locking the door, I got the models naked while I put on as much lead-rubber protection as I could find.  You may be thinking about the implications of radiation on their genitals, but I’ll say this to you: a) you wouldn’t care with these guys, honestly; b) they are getting paid and with their faces they would get fuck all in conventional porn; and c) who really gives a shit?

The initial pictures were shite though, as you could only see bone really (real bone idiot – not boner!), so I had to think on my feet.  Rooting around in the cupboards, I found some barium powder which I mixed up into a really diluted paste and spread on the areas of interest.  That way we get to see the soft bits too!

Next we hurried to the MRI scanner.  I got them to remove all their metal – stupid knob and clit piercings etc – lucky I was on the ball, eh?  I could have had a few legal or health issues to face there!  I got them squeezed in the magnetic field tube and told them to get down to some fucking, while I went and tried to figure out how to get some top porn shots for you guys.

After a few technical hitches, I started getting some nice pictures.  Fair play to my models they couldn’t go at it proper hammer and tong – they had to stay still mid-stroke while the scanner droned noisily taking 15 seconds for each shot.  My guy actor was moaning about being all claustrophobic, but I had already made sure he’d had the two Vs of niche porn – valium and viagra – so I just told him he was being a pussy and to get on with it.  Otherwise he wouldn’t get paid and that would fuck him up for his gear tomorrow, the dirty junky scumbag!

Well there you have it – some lovely samples for you to get all sweaty palmed over.  I bet you’re all planning your solo ‘internet’ time already, you dirty bastards!  I’m sure you’ll be queuing up to get a subscription at as soon as I get it up and running.  My first photo and video sets will include the two you have seen samples of, plus planned sets including erotic barium enema, probing cavity ultrasound. big jug mammography, live fucking CT scans (rendered in all 3 planes), and of course some novel endoscopic examinations.


7 Responses to “Rule 34 for X-Ray”

  1. Sleepy Joe said

    Those are great. They would look really good blown up and displayed on a light board.

  2. Qelqoth said

    X-Ray porn.

    God bless /b/ – is there anything it CAN’T do? 😀

  3. phalluscephalus said

    Yeah – who needs real sex when you can wank over the best that niche-porn has to offer?

  4. Qelqoth said

    Niche-porn provided me with pictures of Aladdin and Jasmine embraced in the heat of passion while some monkey nibbled away on her tits. That was totally hot.

  5. Cockslut3000 said

    I got anal cancer posing for pics like this once. It was hot.

  6. phalluscephalus said

    Q: Post pics plz.

  7. phalluscephalus said

    Cockslut: Anal cancer is not too great a price to pay for porn. I admire your dedication.

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